Business areas

Our aim is to enable our clients to reach complete independence in all aspects of production, plant operation and related material procurement.



Bowas-TEC GmbH as representative of Bohlen Handel GmbH and Dott. Mariano Pravisani & C. SRL is in position to offer products, engineering and services covering a wide range of high explosives production and processing.

we offer:

Plants for Mining and Industrial Explosives

  • Emulsion Explosives
  • PETN
  • Nitroglycerine
  • Detonating Cord Production
  • HMX pilot production for shock tube
  • Filling of Pentolite / Composition boosters

Mobile Mining Solution

  • Underground charging units
  • Emulsion pumping vehicles (MEMU)
  • Emulsion production vehicles (MEMU)

Plants and Machines for explosives Processing

  • Plastic / Composition mixing
  • Non-Electric Detonator Assembly
  • PETN driers

Plants for crystalline high explosives

  • HMX / Octogen
  • RDX / Hexogen